At the Today Show

December 23, 2009

Some pics from just before our segment about Toys with Lasting Play Value…trying to keep the kids engaged and not too noisy while Ann, Al, Natalie, Lester and Jenna talk.  One of our toy testers Josie was about to take the stroller off the set–but came back after we strategically placed her mom right near Natalie ( just off camera).

During the segment…everyone is fully engaged with the toys!

Natalie Morales and Stephanie

Hooray!  Segment complete!


Today Show Tomorrow Morning at 9:36am

December 17, 2009

Just got back from set up — the studio was filled with so many segments…music…Colin Cowell wrapping things…where was he this morning when I couldn’t get a clean line on my wrapping paper!

I have so many great toys to talk about–too many as usual.  We get really attached around here to our award winners…we want to talk about ALL of them!  It’s nice when people are interested in what you’ve been working on all year.

The article for the segment tomorrow is already posted on our site…toys with lasting play value.