Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Today I ventured uptown…as much as I love all the Christmas lights, you really need to be ready to deal with the crowds that take over the city- especially in mid-town.  It’s fun and I enjoy watching the kids as they see the tree for the first time – or the amazing Christmas windows at Saks.  But having to get anywhere takes twice as long!

Mr. Robot is happy to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Here’s Mr. Robot enjoying the tree at Rockefeller Center.  I miss my mom today–getting ready for a segment during the holidays is always special–the tree, the lights, the energy of all the people–hearing so many different languages.  It’s always a pinch-able moment.  (Mom’s fine–just didn’t need to be in the crowds.)

Set up is an amazing juggling act executed with such grace and good spirits.  April, the set art director, never seems pushed even though tonight for example she had eight production segments to get ready for…and everything always looks great in the morning when she and the amazing crew at the show work their magic.

Here’s the view of the tree after set up…it is so pretty.

Rockefeller Center during the Holidays 2009


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