A tale of two mothers….

Everything is about how you look at things.  I’ve been following the Tiger saga (which oddly makes me miss the Michael Jackson coverage – since that became a daily excuse to show clips of his earlier happier days that track my own childhood memories).  Yes, I feel terrible for Tiger’s wife and kids–but I’m also thinking about his mom.  She goes from having the son that the entire  world admires– to having the most famous cad.

As the mother of two boys, I’ve always taken raising kind, considerate, polite young men very seriously.  I hope my sons will grow up to be wonderful husbands and fathers.  Their dad has set an amazing example of what a great dad and husband looks like – he loves his boys so dearly and has never been afraid to tell them or show them with his attention.  He treats all of the women in his life with love…and when I say all of his women, I mean me, his mother and my mother.

So I was thinking of Tiger’s mother while I was standing on line this afternoon at Whole Foods.  The young man helping to check me out, saw the plant I was buying and asked whether he thought his mother would appreciate a plant for Christmas.  I was so taken by his thoughtfulness–we discussed where to get the biggest poinsettia (at the store with his discount or at the Union Square Market) and which color she’d prefer.  After getting over the fact that he kept calling me ma’am …I wished him a happy holiday and knew that his mom would enjoy her present that came with great affection from her son.

Made me think that no matter how many poinsettias Tiger sends him mom this holiday season, it won’t be as joyful as the single one brought by the Whole Foods young man.


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