Top high tech toys 2009

V Tech's Kidizoom Digital Camera Plus

Here are our some of favorites of the season– click on the name of the product to read our complete review at

For younger children:

LeapFrog Counting Candles (LeapFrog)

Two great cameras for 3s and up to enjoy:

Kidizoom Digital Camera Plus (V-Tech)

Disney Pix Jr Digital Camera (Disney)

If you have a child totally into cars, you need to look at:

Doodle-Track Cars (Day Dream Toys)

For kids  8 & up:

MindFlex Game (Mattel)

Nanos (Hexbug)

Eye Clops Night Vision Binoculars (Jakks Pacific)

For really advanced builders:

Mindstorm (Lego)


2 Responses to Top high tech toys 2009

  1. What about My Pal Scout/Violet that SAYS THE CHILD’S NAME? 🙂

  2. toyportfolio says:

    We aren’t big fans of My Pal Scout. He’s not particularly huggable and the skills that he teaches and the target audience (toddlers) aren’t really best taught with a doll. We also found it took more pressure to activate the buttons than most kids have– so that was frustrating as well. The old Actimates from Microsoft were really the gold standard in terms of interactive dolls. Their Barney–really was Barney–and it was magical to watch kids interact with him.

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