Remember Dream Date?

Do remember those commercials for the game Dream Date?  I remember thinking when I got older I could play Dream Date…somehow when I was old enough I was so firmly planted in the battle for equal rights- that this game never made my holiday wish list. So I laughed a bit when I just got a press release for the new Fundex game Electronic Dream Phone.

From the release:

The fun begins with the ring of the phone as girls make calls to a dream team of 24 teen boys, hoping to find their secret admirer through a process of elimination. Using the hand-held phone, a girl will choose a boy’s picture card from her hand, and call his number. The selected boy, a friend of the “secret admirer”, will drop hints about where the girl’s admirer does NOT hang out, what he does NOT like to eat, and even what he would NOT be wearing. Players must pick up clues from the boys and search the game board to find out who the secret admirer is NOT in order to ultimately determine who he actually IS! When a girl thinks she has found the “dream guy,” she calls him up. If he says, “You’re right!” the player has found her true crush – at least until the start of a new game. The game changes each time it is played, with new clues and a different admirer to identify.

The Dream Phone is being sold exclusively at all Justice Stores (formerly Limited, too!) nationwide for the holidays! $29.90 Retail

How dreamy….


3 Responses to Remember Dream Date?

  1. joanne says:

    Sounds more like a nightmare to me! Are you kidding? Dreamy?

  2. Sounds like Clue for older kids!

  3. toyportfolio says:

    I was being facetious…

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