Princess & the Frog: Princess Tiana Just One Kiss Doll

Disney's Princess Tiana

Last week I talked about this doll as one of the top five hottest toys in toyland on the TODAY Show.  But because I only had two minutes to discuss five toys, I didn’t have time to demonstrate why this particular Princess Doll is so much fun.  Watch our video and you’ll see the interactive/light up features of this talking doll.

Right after my segment, I got an email from Disney–reminding me that there were less expensive Princess Tiana dolls…so true.  You can get your Princess fix for under $16.  The Just One Kiss doll retails for $24.99–and I already see lots of price gauging. There are plainer Princess Dolls–but we have not personally seen or tested them–I do see some complaints on line about the quality of the least expensive version–but we can’t confirm. We’re thrilled that Disney is featuring the first African-American Princess.  If you’d also like a book, we’d recommend Princess and the Royal Ball by Natasha A. Tarpley/illustrated by James Finch)–a full review is on our site.



2 Responses to Princess & the Frog: Princess Tiana Just One Kiss Doll

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  2. Tish Holmes says:

    We LOVE this doll! My 2 1/2 year old daughter just received Tiana yesterday from her Great-Grandmother for Christmas(along with her fancy blue dress so she can match the doll) and now refuses to put the doll down or take the dress off. Thanks to Disney for now having a true multi-cultural offering of princesses of ALL varieties for our girls to look up to. I’ll add that we are a caucasian family, not that it matters, just to show that Tiana appeals to ALL little girls, her beauty and strength comes from inside her character, not the outside 🙂

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