Five Fantastic Construction Toys

Construction toys should be part of every* child’s toy experience.   You’ll find that kids develop preferences to building materials–go with it.  Our advice is always to start with smaller sets –building your child’s confidence about what they can do rather than frustrating them with a bigger set.

Here are five of our favorites. Click on the toy name to read our full review from

Lego Star Wars Collection Lego Systems

Plan Toys Build n Spin (Plan Toys)

Wedgits Pink & Purple Activity Tote (ImagAbility)

Lego Racers (Lego Systems)

Citiblocs (Citiblocs)

*Here’s my daily plug about bringing home building sets to girls…it’s important for their math skills down the road.  We want them to excel in math and engineering…it starts with building with construction toys.


7 Responses to Five Fantastic Construction Toys

  1. tHE bUILD n spin link isn’t working

  2. How does the Build N spin measure up compared to other marble track sets?

  3. toyportfolio says:

    It’s lighter in color and design than the Blocks n Marbles which we have reviewed in the past (favorably). I was just asked by another tester for a great gift for fives and given your question, I also thought of the Quadrilla Marble Runs which are a bigger, showier deal than this set which is slightly younger. I love that this set has different bells and whistle pieces that you can incorporate in to the build. These are all really open-ended puzzles–that will have great appeal to kids that enjoy blocks and trains…they call for the same kind of visual discrimination skills.

  4. We have the Discovery toys castle for now (It’s for younger kids). But I was eyeing the Haba marble track for when he was older. — because there are so many options for adding on, etc.

  5. Wow. I am LIKING The look of the Block and Roll, esp the way it gives new life to Duplos. I’ll have to bookmark that for when my son is older.

  6. Maudie Zion says:

    How-do-you-do, I came up with your web site in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your website came up, could have been a typoo, anyway,Your story looks well-thought-out. Have a great day.

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