Cranky morning…

Ok, so we just listened to a new CD from John Lithgow (The Poets’ Corner)–with an amazing cast of poetry readers (Glenn Close, Morgan Freeman, Kathy Bates, Jodi Foster) . Should be a hit right?  How could it miss with this cast of distinguished actors?  It will be featured no doubt on the morning talk shows…

Each poem is introduced by Mr. Lithgow — yes, yes, he has a great voice and he’s chock full of information. But we’re sitting here wondering, who is this for?  I can’t imagine any child I know sitting through it.  I had that really uncomfortable feeling I used to get in college and law school when the lecturer was just lost in his own voice and thoughts–with no recognition of a class full of students wanting to make a connection. I’m sure this will be ordered for libraries across the country – based on Mr. Lithgow’s track record and the stellar array of stars he brought to this project.  Just feels like a shame that they couldn’t have read something else to us all…and it certainly doesn’t instill a love of poetry.


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