Fantasy…Courteney Cox’s new show Cougar Town

I deal in fantasy all the time.  I evaluate props for fantasy play for kids (costumes, dollhouses, garages, etc.)…but last night I witnessed such amazing fantasy for grown ups.  ABC rolled out their new line-up of shows last night.  I enjoyed moments of The Modern Family–although the layering of stereotypes seemed both predictable and uninspired…but after a summer watching Law & Order reruns, I was game.

Then we got to the new Courteney  Cox’s show — Cougar Town.

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox

The premise is very current.  We do have double standards for men and women when they date younger people.  We get that…but here’s my problem.  Courtney Cox, insecure about showing her body to her much younger lover–wants to keep the lights low.  He puts the lights on and then we all look at Courtney Cox’s body.  What’s the problem?  Well of course there is none—she looks amazing.  The writers have to find something to discuss. Her stomach is perfectly flat, she’s still a very well toned size zero…so where’s the beef?  The man asks about her scar—no close up (does she even have one?). She make something up and then fesses up that it’s from her c-section.  Really?

There is another scene that rang so much truer to Ms. Cox’s current condition.  She’s outside arguing with a male neighbor who is recently divorced  and has a parade of very young women going through his house.  She gets so annoyed that she rips off her robe and a young boy on a bike is so distracted that he finds himself flipping off his bike.  This was funny…

I wonder how many women that find themselves dating again in their forties can relate to Ms. Cox in this role.  Everytime they did a close up of her grabbing her stomach (she has none)…or looking at her chest (it’s still up there)…I just wondered how many other women across the country were saying…pleeeeeeze!

Of course anyone can have insecurities…but let’s be real.


One Response to Fantasy…Courteney Cox’s new show Cougar Town

  1. shelli says:

    well it’s certainly not a “real” body. But the few minutes of the show I watched were cute. I hope they try to keep it real, but um, her boobs are WAY too perky to be real. so who knows. 🙂

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