Oh Plah! Bracelet…really?

The Oh Plah! Bracelet just crossed my desk. Here’s the concept, you can wear it as a bracelet and then hand it off to your child for teething. No BPA, No Phthalates, No PVC…I guess that’s all good. The package reasonably points out that we all have been there when your child is getting fussy—should you give them your dirty keys…(we’ve all done it to prevent that complete breakdown at the checkout)….so I get that too…but I’m not sure that wearing a blue cuff (true it’s made of “medical grade thermoplastic”) is the solution. It’s cooler out today, but the thought of having to wear a big plastic cuff makes me squirmy.  Also if you’re that on top of this problem–why not just have some teether/rattles  in the stroller or in your bag?   And you know, your baby is still going to want those keys! Thoughts?ohplatbraceleton


2 Responses to Oh Plah! Bracelet…really?

  1. Aari says:

    For the woman who is REALLY travelling light? It’s like those Daddy diaper bags that hold a diaper, 2 wipes & keys. Where are you going with baby that you need a wearable teether but not a bag of other stuff?

  2. Gretchen says:

    I think this idea is genius! No matter how many toys I bring with me, my baby always wants something that is “mommy’s”. The bracelets look cool-and I am wearing this peacock blue all fall. Have to order!

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