This afternoon’s setup for the Today Show

setup My view from across the street from the studio. It was absolutely beautiful out this afternoon.  I went to set up without my  mother who is battling some virus (Swine flu–we hope not)….it’s always odd when we’re not together for set up. Part of the pleasure of the toyportfolio has been working with my mother.  We have rituals for many things. For example, before we start the first appointment for toy fair, we do a little dance…and then we do another at the end. We also get a drink (and a cookie) at Dean & DeLuca prior to set up.  (Most rituals involve food, dancing and laughing). As usual I was too early for set up, so I looked into the main D&L…but the line was soooo long. Happily there is another one right around the corner—perfect!  I passed on the cookie this afternoon. I’m doing the segment with Natalie…need to hold in my stomach!

The studio was sooo cold. Sean Kenney was there to help me with the Lego Mindstorm. Sean does incredible sculptures out of LEGO.  He also has a new book coming out next week from Macmillian for kids…go Sean!  He set up the Mindstorm–that came built as a reptile…and when I put my finger near the creature’s mouth, it chomped really hurt!  The Mindstorms are so great–if you have a teen into learning about Robotics…it’s the way to go.

I probably have more products on the set than I can get to…but I had so many favorites…to see them all visit


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