Fur Real Biscuit welcomes Monty T-Rex to the office

IMG_0976Hasbro’s Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup is one of our favorite toys from last toy season. He’s still hanging out with us in the office and is always a favorite for our visiting toy testers (young and old).  So we decided to introduce him to Playskool’s new Monty T-Rex.  I was alittle worried about Monty–thinking his roar would be over the top scary for our testers. So we sent him to the same family that tested Fisher-Price’s Spike the Ultra Dinosaur.  As you may recall, our five and three year old testers made  Spike their house pet…and now they report that Monty has become the spouse of last year’s dino (they  have renamed him Lizzy).  They actually LOVE that Monty will roar back at them. They also report that Monty is easier to make work than Spike. (Spike is controlled with a remote control–Monty works by touching one of his touch points to activate walking, roaring, chomping, etc.) So you’ll have to decide if this type of safe scare is right on target for your child–or whether this toy will end up at the back of some closet.  Watch the video.


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