Really? …Star Wars Death Star for Babies

I love Star Wars…and if you’ve noticed, Star Wars toys often find their way to our award list even though technically they violate our “no violent or aggressive toy” rules.  It’s fantasy after all.


However, I have to draw the line at a board book  – marketed to babies and toddlers – STAR WARS Spaceships (Scholastic).  What could this possibly mean to children under the age of two?  Is knowing and naming the different parts of the Imperial fleet important?  How about more basic knowing and naming concepts like cup or banana?IMG_0883

Most outrageous really is the last page…here’s one you certainly will want to share with your baby on your lap….Let’s all say it together…

“Death Star ….This spaceship has a dangerous laser. BOOM!” IMG_0884

I certainly get mass merchandising as a concept…but this one goes too far.


2 Responses to Really? …Star Wars Death Star for Babies

  1. sarahschreffler says:

    *shrugs* if daddy likes Star Wars and older brother is doing Star Wars stuff, this might be just the thing to catch the younger one’s interest.

    And my son goes “Boom Boom Boom” all the time cause of Mr. Brown can Moo, can you.

  2. Renee Carver says:

    I agree that the last example makes this book inappropriate. There is a difference between Mr. Brown’s thunder boom and the boom of a space station full of people exploding to death.

    That said, from what was shown of the rest of the book, I can see how it might be a good tool for interesting a Star Wars fan dad in spending time reading to a baby or toddler. The child is still being exposed to vocabulary words (even if “spaceship” may be less useful day to day than “cup”) and the parent and child are spending good bonding time together and, one would hope, establishing a habit of reading that could extend to other, more meat and potatoes books. Too bad about the last page.

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