Sometimes rules are really hard…

Ok, so one of our rules about bath toys for kids is no squirters.  Yes, yes…squirters are really fun. But here’s the thing–if you don’t get all of the water out of them…and your child has taken a bath, it can pose a a problem.  (Maybe it’s a little OCD of us–but would you take a bath and then save some of the water, only to squirt it potentially in your mouth the next night?)   I guess if you really washed them out-and made sure they’re really, really empty and completely dry…

As a result, we’ve passed on lots of fun bath toys…ALEX entices us every year with new sets of squirters…and one of Corolle’s lines of dolls also come with these squirters.  We pass on them too. There is no government regulation–just our concern that used bathwater needs to go completely bye bye.

Which is why it completely pains us to pass on the new Gotz Maxy Aquini 16″ Bath Baby Doll. We love her sundress (really, I would wear it to the beach)…and her purple crocs are wonderfully hip.  Because we can’t crawl in the box and implore you throw out the froggy squirter (he’s pretty cute too)..we can’t give this doll an award–otherwise she’d be a clear winner. Really–look at her feet!



6 Responses to Sometimes rules are really hard…

  1. Even my thinking is along the same lines that squirters should really be washed out and made really empty and completely dry. If this is not done it causes a problem of maintaining proper hygene.

  2. Tara says:

    But you recommended the Sassy Car Wash (which we have, on your recommendation) and the Sassy Kitchen — both have squirters! And don’t the Smart Splash toys squirt or at least hold water? I agree that it’s a problem, but it seems to be very widespread.

  3. toyportfolio says:

    Tara–if you’re right about the cars and kitchen we’ll have to revised our reviews…which were done several years ago. Thank you for the catch. It is a problem–and we had one Mom who had suggested using bleach to get them really clean…also not a great idea for products that go into kids mouths.

  4. shelli says:

    we’ve also found, that even though Malka LOVES her rubber ducky squirty toys, and even though I wash them REALLY well, they get algae stuff inside – and it sometimes squirts out! ACK!

    And Ewwwww.

    So we tend to avoid them as well.

    But LOVE the crocs for the doll!

  5. toyportfolio says:

    I just saw a report…I the day after I wrote this post that crocs are in trouble and may be one of those fleeting trends that marks a generation. Remember Earth shoes?

  6. Tara says:

    Along these lines, what is your favorite bath toy for a 2 y.o.? We have the Sassy car wash and Alex crayons and Alex finger paints but I am ready for something new.

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