Sign of the times: Cabbage Patch Kids now have Hair Extensions

I guess it was bound to happen– hair extensions are not just for celebrities anymore. While pricey extensions used to be a well-kept secret, celebrities are now even talking openly about using them.  (On a side note, I found it interesting that hair extensions also get  “color”– makes sense that your extensions should match your own hair color–but still it was an eye-opening sight to see such locks on a head form in the VIP room at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. I also wondered if you had to belong to a VIP head, to get your extensions their own appointment in the VIP room…but I digress).

But yet I was still surprised when the latest Cabbage Patch Kid arrived this morning…it’s called the Pop ‘N Style Kid with three differently styled hair extensions that just pop in. The doll is now made by Jakks Pacific. cabbagepatch

I didn’t play with too many dolls as I kid but I do remember I had a doll where if you pushed a button in her back and yanked on her hair–it would grow. I just asked my mother the name…she can’t recall either but reminded me that I had several of them because I just couldn’t get the concept that if you cut the doll’s hair it wouldn’t grow back.  In my own defense, I recall the commercial kept repeating “it grows hair!”

I have a sense that our testers are going to enjoy these dolls–stay tuned.


7 Responses to Sign of the times: Cabbage Patch Kids now have Hair Extensions

  1. susan schildhaus says:

    that was the crissy doll by ideal- i had one, too!!
    LOVED her…

  2. toyportfolio says:

    So good — thanks. It’s been bothering me all day!

  3. Norma says:

    Ha, Ha…!!! When I came across this I had to laugh!!! My daughter is obsessed with Cabbage Patch dolls. We live in South Africa and new product innovations take time to filter through. 2 weeks ago we were out shopping for a new doll that could have its hair styled like normal hair…basically abused to the “nines” (my daughter is going through her hair dressing phase). So what does dear mommy do–in frustration after hours of looking for something suitable without success, I resorted to buying her a set of professional, human hair, clip in extensions from my hair salon to apply to her doll’s hair…around US$200 later! I sent through an e-mail to the company who sells the hair extensions in South Africa and asked them to post a pic in their “supermodel” gallery of the most trendy Cabbage Patch doll in town, hair extensions and all…still waiting for a response though. I’ll post the link when/if it is up!!!

  4. Tara says:

    My daughter’s school has a Dora toy that grows hair and says sexist things. I HATE IT!

  5. Reta says:

    My daughter too is going through a “hair phase” and unlike the mom above I don’t have the money to spend on $200 clip extensions for her doll. She has been begging me for pink and purple hair. She loves the color pink like most girls her age. So I bought her some cute colorful clip in extensions from They were very reasonable and She absolutely loves them! She has curly hair. Since the extension are human hair I was able to curl them for her to blend with her hair. I must say she looks like a princess (with pink and purple hair)!

  6. […] Patch Designer Earlier this year I review the new Cabbage Patch Dolls from Jakks Pacific.  Read about one of the designers, Cimmi  and see some of the early versions, […]

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