Pick of the Day: Crayola’s Crayon Maker

It’s back!  Last month I showed everyone had to make Crayon Muffins on the Today Show from old crayons…one of my favorite activities that I used to do with my mother as a kid.  Those are still fun to do–but it does involve an oven and you do have to be really careful about the hot tins, melting crayons, etc.

We were happy to see at Toy Fair that Crayola was bringing back their Crayon Maker (a former Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award winner)…this time with a huge improvement in design…you can see the crayons melting in the chamber (the old design had a solid piece of plastic).  The heating element is a 60W bulb (the tapered kind). I sort of wish the bulb was included–since not everyone has one of those bulbs hanging around the house but I can imagine the shipping issues would be too complicated.  There is a warning on the box that the bulb is not included…a plus. I really  have a problem with the small print warnings on some products- you get the product home, everyone is psyched and then you find you don’t have an essential element.

Just like the original — you load up your old crayons into the chamber–it heats up and voila you get new crayons! The chamber does not open until the tray has cooled–a very important safety feature.

There’s something so happy and life affirming to have new crayons…the possibilities of what you might do with them  always struck me (and sometimes meant I was staring at a blank piece of paper).  I also realize that I still feel  happy when I open a new box of crayons (the smell especially)…does that mean I’m forever 8?


4 Responses to Pick of the Day: Crayola’s Crayon Maker

  1. Alyce says:

    We had an old version of this and it didn’t work very well at all (ex: finished product was hard to get out, and so thin that it cracked). Have they improved the design? I think it’s a fabulous idea, poorly executed.

    • toyportfolio says:

      We didn’t have a problem. They do have to cool completely in order for them to come out easily. We put them in the freezer.

  2. beth says:

    We have old version and loved it, however our wax mold that you pour into has broken, any idea how to get a knew mold?

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