Playmobil Underwater Adventure a Huge Hit

“Wow” was how the review started from one of our testing families.  Our tester parent sent us the following review after watching her kids enjoy this setting : “The complete set with the large boat, submarine, small  boat, diving cage, deep sea diving bell. etc. etc is just incredible.   Each set individually or all of them together provide innumerable  opportunities for pretend play.  The figurines and all of the  accessories provide EVERYTHING a child needs to act out nautical  stories.  I am amazed by the level of detail in each set.”

This set is right for the bathtub…this family also plays with it on “land”…

If you have a child that likes to pretend with miniature settings…this is one to consider!


One Response to Playmobil Underwater Adventure a Huge Hit

  1. C. White says:

    When I was young, this was my favorite cartoon when it aired on ABC. I didn’t like any other cartoon more than this one. And it’s still worth watching. I loved the story, and the characters. I loved everything about it. I even like this cartoon, which is American, more than Sonic X, which is anime. And I’m into a lot of Japanese, including anime. And I know I’ll like this DVD, which everyone has waited years for, myself included, after it quit airing on ABC. No more looking through old worn out VHS tapes, which are probably missing episodes that weren’t recorded. I recommend this DVD to anyone who has watched and enjoyed this cartoon, and I recommend buying it while it’s still available, because no one knows how many copies will be sold, and for how long.

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