Star Wars Kites…the force is not with them

Sadly the new Star Wars kites from Jakks Pacific did not test well with any of our families. All reports agreed that the instructions were poor and that it took way too long to put the kites together (one group had difficulty with pieces breaking).  The family that got their kite in the air  commented that the age range of 6 & up was unrealistic for participating in putting the kite together.  (That didn’t surprise me–most 6s will need help with even the most basic kite). I’m really sad–since these kites looked stunning. We hope there is a re-design…since the concept was great.


3 Responses to Star Wars Kites…the force is not with them

  1. Trudy says:

    So much for the easy instructions they brag about for the Stealth Jet fighter kite. I have spent about 4hrs now trying to figure it out with no luck. This is the first easy assembly toy I have gotten that I cant figure out. I believe these instructions are poor and could use some better diagrams for the customers.

  2. toyportfolio says:

    I think we all collectively gave up…we hope they come out with an easier build next year–since they look so great.

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