SmartLab’s new kits

We had high hopes for Smartlab’s Blast-Off Rocket Racer–where you mix baking soda and vinegar to propel your racer. Unfortunately–there really is no good way to bring the two pieces together (the one that stores the baking soda and the vinegar)…without it spilling.  I really like this type of kit where kids have hands on science experiences that are fun–but this one is a bit too hands on. On the other hand we got very strong reviews for their new Custom Motorcycle StudioOur 11 year old tester really stuck with this kit and enjoyed drawing his own customized motorcycle with the help of the small light table that comes with the kit, the acetate overlays and frames (also comes with colored pencils).  Most drawing sets on the market focus on fashion and are targeted to girls–this is a great set for kids that love drawing great detail but need some help getting started.  Our tester was really pleased with what he was able to create.  A good choice to have at the office if you have a child visiting.


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