Captain Kirk wouldn’t be happy…

41e2pn2jybl_sl500_aa280_I’m sorry to report that the promising new Star Trek Enterprise and Klingon Bird-of-Prey from Tyco RC really don’t fly very well. Since we are such Trekkies around here–we gave these multiple tries to see if by some chance we did something wrong…but they just didn’t work. Our younger testers were also disappointed with the actual  material – on the box it looks like you’re getting a solid plastic model.  The toys are  made of  thin styrofoam  (the kind  they use for toy gliders) and one kit broke when our tween tester inserted the propellers into his model.  The directions were not particularly clear. Very sad–we were really excited about this line–the first to feature a flying Enterprise.


One Response to Captain Kirk wouldn’t be happy…

  1. toyportfolio says:

    Hi Lynn:
    Sound interesting. Please download the submission form from our site, send it along with the product. thanks! Stephanie

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