My Great Big Mamma…add this to the Really? List

The little boy in this book is really proud of his Mamma–who is really, really big (one of the illustrations shows that she takes up two seats on the bus.).  Ok, that’s fine…but then Mamma decides to go on a diet so that she’ll be “prettier”.  Really?  How about because it would be healthier.  Instead the little boy tells his mother that he wants her to stay big.    At the beginning of the story we learn why he loves size:  “Her hands are pillows, her arms are bolsters. And her soon as I lay my head on her chest, I feel like falling asleep with a great big smile on my face.” The little boy revolts until Mamma gives in and starts eating again…and everyone is happy.  The End.  Really?

With the rising rate of child obesity, I was sure this book was going to be about how Mamma decided to get in shape, eat well and be able to play more actively with her son.  Now that may be too “message” oriented in the current world of children’s books…but I don’t think that means you have to deliver an upside down message either.


One Response to My Great Big Mamma…add this to the Really? List

  1. Winnie says:

    Seriously? While I appreciate that my boy would still love me if I were big, this is a really weird moral.

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