New version of Monopoly keeps track of carbon footprint

Just received a press release from Late for the Sky that they are making a new game called, Earth-opoly.

They write…

“Every attempt has been made to make the game as earth-friendly as possible. The game board and box are made from recycled materials, the printing is done with soy based ink, the shrink wrap is plant-based EarthFirst PLA film, and the game pieces are either made by nature or are completely recyclable.
Players buy properties and increase property values through recycling and reducing.  Everyone learns how to offset their own carbon footprint as they collect Carbon Credits and trade them for Clean Air. While traveling the board and visiting impressive land forms, players will learn about the planet and pick up “Go Green” tips for everyday life changes from each property deed card.”

Note–We haven’t tested the game yet…just thought it was notable as the first boardgame to use carbon footprints.



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