Pick of the Day: Tonka Wheel Pals Round-About Railway

099941418512_main200One of the hardest categories to fill each year are small vehicles that are safe for the 3 and under crowd.  Many parents just hope for the best and give their kids small Hot Wheels, Matchbox and wooden trains–the problem with them of course is that they do have small parts that are potentially dangerous.  Playskool’s new Wheel Pals line is meant to answer that issue.  The cars are  small in scale – with everything safely anchored.  Our testers loved the new Round About Railway. If you’re looking for a setting that your toddler will enjoy (and not sit on)…look no further.  You put the train at the top of the setting and then your child can either hit the plunger (which activates the train sound)…or just push the train down the track. The vehicle moves slowly enough so that your toddler can track the vehicle, a plus. We thought the Railway works much better than the Fold ‘n Go Garage (we found that some of the ramps did not lock in sufficiently well).


6 Responses to Pick of the Day: Tonka Wheel Pals Round-About Railway

  1. Aari says:

    This looks so fun, even though Simon might be a tad old for it. Is it on the market yet? Didn’t see it on amazon.

  2. toyportfolio says:

    It’s available on TRU, not Amazon for some reason. I do think Simon is passed this one…but it was what you were looking for last year!

  3. Lisa says:

    My son has a ton of the wheel pals cars. I love them because they are soft and still a lot of fun. We have variations of all 3 sizes, the speed ‘n go funway and the little garage set they have.

    Kaleb loves them all and the smallest size are perfect for him to carry with us in the car without having to lug a bunch of stuff around.

  4. Thanks for this. My son just turned one and I have been wondering about what to get him. I just came back from Toys R Us with this and a few additional cars. His party is this week – I think he will love them since he only has baby toys and no ‘boy toys’ yet 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post. We are looking for cars for my 11 month old that are “safe” for his mouth.

  6. sharon owen says:

    I have just (today) seen this in Home Bargains for £12.99. Looks really good – the only reason i didnt buy it is because my son already has a similiar ELC toy.

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