Pick of the Day: Sprig Toys Eco-Trucks

51ildpwlsfl_sl500_aa280_Looking for a great lightweight truck to take to the sandbox–or just enjoy in your house?  Take a look at Sprig Toys new Eco-Trucks ($14.95).  We’ve been big fans of this truly green company that makes it toys from repurposed milk jugs and saw dust!  There are three trucks in the new in line:  a loader, a dump truck and an exacavator.  While we were concerned that some folks may find them too lightweight, our testers across the board thought the weight was a plus–making the toys easier for their kids to tote about.


5 Responses to Pick of the Day: Sprig Toys Eco-Trucks

  1. Lisa says:

    I know that my son loves to carry even his bigger trucks around, but they are too awkward and heavy for him most of the time. These sound fun!

  2. If I would go back as a kid, I would definitely tell it to my mom to buy it! lol

  3. toyportfolio says:

    These trucks did really well overall–but one mom did comment that her son –who has lots of trucks with noise/buttons to push — was not really interested in these low tech trucks.

  4. Isabella Bertelli says:

    My 2yr old son loves his Sprig excavator. He has played with it in the snow, the tub, the dirt, and sand. Light weight, which comes in very handy when he wants ALL his trucks at the beach. Clean up is a snap and it has taken more then one good shot down our wodden stairs and has remained in perfect condition. The fact that they are safe and eco-friendly is a huge boost. No annoying noises either, just brain powered imagination.

  5. Isuzu Trucks says:

    What an awesome toy I will look for one for my cosuin online, thanks

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