Pick of the Day: Creature Floor Puzzle (Andrew Zuckerman)

9780811867856_normStunning…there are two (double-sided) 16 piece puzzles–featuring bold photographs of an elephant, a chimpanzee, a lion and tigers…taken by New York based photographer and filmmaker, Andrew Zuckerman. The puzzle is made by Chronicle Books $24.95).

What I love about these puzzles is that they are so different from what’s on the market–they’re fun (and very challenging to work on)…and extremely satisfying when you put them together. Each puzzle is a pleasing 2′ x 2′. The pieces can fit together even when they’re not right graphically–adding a layer of difficulty and requiring great visual discrimination than most puzzles for kids.

The only drawback–the age label is 3 & up—most 3s will leave you to figure these out on your own–these are really a parent child puzzle for 5s & up.  This is a perfect example of where you will want to give your kids a game plan for putting them together.  Take out one set at a time–(the pieces come  packed separately) and then I always go for building the sides first…looking for the corner pieces.  And while many puzzle makers say I’m cheating…I always look at the box!   I just noticed that this won’t be released until June…but you can pre-order.  I hope this is the first of many!


2 Responses to Pick of the Day: Creature Floor Puzzle (Andrew Zuckerman)

  1. Danielle Smith says:

    Oh, those are beautiful!!! Do you know if they have plans to make more difficult ones? We’re on 100 piece puzzles right now, but the photography on these is stunning.

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