Best Toddler Toy: Edushape’s Rollipop

babyoliver_2039_55041116If you’ve spent any time with a two year old, you know they love to do the same thing over and over again. It’s through that repeititive play, that they develop their self confidence and sense of their own abilities. The other thing you know about toddlers is that finding toys for them can be really challenging.  They’ve outgrown their baby toys–and they’re  not really ready for most preschool toys with all of those pesky small parts that pose a safety risk.  They’re often more interested in seeing if they can climb on a toy  at this stage rather than play with it.  My son Adam did this with his first garage!

So just in case you’re looking for the perfect birthday present, I periodically like to recommend Edushape’s Rollipop ($24.95). We’re adding it to our list of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award winners – indicating that this great toy has been in the market place for more than five years and should not be missed just because it wasn’t invented yesterday!  The balls are big enough to be safe and they move through the toy slowly enough so that they can be tracked.  You can talk about colors as you play, but really just making something happen again and again is the biggest reward. We prefer this one to some of the other ball runs that have lots of noise–you really don’t need it!  Your child will add their own sound effects–promise!


5 Responses to Best Toddler Toy: Edushape’s Rollipop

  1. Lisa says:

    My son’s second birthday is coming up at the end of this month and we were hard pressed to find a good “toy” gift to add to his practical gifts of clothing and big boy underwear.

    This looks to be the perfect addition! Thanks!

  2. toyportfolio says:

    They also have a larger, advanced set that is also fun,

  3. Lisa says:

    This looks like so much fun! I’m going to order the advanced set because I think he’ll have more fun with it.

    I can not WAIT to see him play with this!

  4. They also have a version with suction cups that can stick to a sliding glass door or the side of the tub.

  5. J.Hill says:

    This is the best game ever made for any system. I have a PS2 and plenty of games for it but any one i play i always say to myself "I much rather be playing Sonic 2." But thats not possible for me because my mom threw my genesis and all my genesis games away god was I mad. So i reccomend this game to everyone.

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