For the first time in five years, the public schools (and private) are closed in New York City. Lots of kids are  home. Looking for something to do?  Here are a few low tech projects:
1. Make a fort (armed with a few sheets and flashlights) this is just the type of day for this type of cozy fun.
2. Scavenger Hunt- no matter what the age, this can be a great game that will take up some time!

3. Set the table- with arts and crafts projects that will make for a special snow day dinner setting.  Kids can make name cards, a centerpiece (you can make a city with Matchbox cars and blocks).

4. Pick a color- Have your kids pick a color for the day. Put on all their clothes in that color. For younger kids, they can make a book of their favorite “yellow” things.

5. Snow- when you go outside have the kids fill up a jar with snow.  Then let everyone guess how long it will take for the snow to turn to water. A little science experiment on the kitchen counter–my favorite kind!


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