Trends from Toy Fair 2009: Confessions of a Toy Reviewer…

We just got back from Hasbro’s showroom and their roll out for 2009.  Their old showroom space (the one you see in the movie BIG…is now a Home Depot).   They rented space this year in the Times Center.

The space was big but still it’s just not the same experience.  Toy Fair used to be heavy on the glitz. Each big new toy would have actors that would act out a scene related to the product.  The Barbie show room had life size women dressed up as all the new Barbies of the season (really).  The reveal would come on a moving stage and there would be smoke and a tremendous amount of pink…pink lighting, pink carpet, pink costumes, pink jewels!   And for years the actor who looked like Robin Williams was a staple of our toy fair experience.  I wonder where he went?

There would also be collectibles for the press of special toy fair editions of Matchbox cars,  Star Wars…you name it. And the press kits used to be heavy and given in big totes with the brand names boldly printed.  Today we got a thumb drive in a little plastic envelope. That’s it. No toys, no samples, no chocolate even…just a thumb drive. Makes sense…but it’s still a little sad.

So we start the process and as always I’ll be updating you on all the new products that will compete for those scarce toy dollars this year—I just needed to share how things have changed.


3 Responses to Trends from Toy Fair 2009: Confessions of a Toy Reviewer…

  1. Lisa says:

    That is kind of sad! What’s the fun in going to a party with no goodie bag?


  2. Amy Andrews says:

    I was wondering how the economy would impact big events like this. I’ll be curious to hear more…

  3. abbe says:

    I always rely on Oppenheim Toy Portfolio to advise me one what to buy for the little ones in my life. They do such an awesome job. I can not wait to hear the results from the toy fair for this upcoming year. Economy down or up children still need toys and books! Thanks for doing your best!

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