Pick of the Day: Sandra Boynton’s Blue Moo

bluemooSo good!  By now most of you know that I really dread the days we review children’s audio.  So much of it is painfully preachy–or about bodily functions.  I get the importance of potty training…really I do, but how many songs, if any, need to focus on it?  This is why I’m delighted to share this wonderful collection from Sandra Boynton and her partner Michael Ford.  (I also apologize to my niece Ali–who had told me I really needed to listen to this weeks ago!) Here’s our full review:

I just want to give Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford a huge hug for coming through with a wonderful collection of witty music that is performed by a really interesting mix of performers including John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, Patti LuPone, Neil Sedaka, B.B. King and Davy Jones of Monkey fame. Highlights include Davy Jones singing “My Personal Penguin”…it’s just so nice to hear his voice again and sing a song that’s fun…and Patti LuPone singing the Rabbit Tango as only she could! The collection is right on target for kids without being about going to the potty or about your three year old’s responsibility to the global community. It’s happily and beautifully smart, intelligent and entertaining.

We’ve added Blue Moo to our Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Audio List.


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