Notable Birthday: Fisher-Price Little People Hit 50!

41ztrqmn7xl_sl160_aa160_Move over baby boomers, the iconic Fisher-Price Little People are turning 50 this year. The Little People Farm that seems like it’s been around forever, first hit the shelves in 1968…and the School House arrived in 1971.

This year we tried the updated (there is always a new version!) of the school bus and airplane.  These classic toys got rave reviews from new parents. If you’re looking for vehicles for toddlers, this line is really a consistently strong choice. The vehicles make some sound, but not overpowering and you can use the vehicles without the sound (a plus). The openings, handles and weight also make these appropriate choices for toddlers that love moving their toys about.

We put the School Bus on our SNAP Award list (Special Needs Adaptable Product Award)– a long time ago when the company added a play figure with a wheelchair. We’re delighted that feature has continued.  The farm has been a focal point for us over the years–especially when they made the “barn” talk — so if you put the cow where the pig is supposed to go — your cow will oink…not moo.  We love technology but here’s an example of missing the way kids play with toys.   There shouldn’t be only one right place to fit an animal.  Or here’s a novel concept…your child can provide their own sounds!


5 Responses to Notable Birthday: Fisher-Price Little People Hit 50!

  1. dep says:

    Great post. I found an important tips for my toddler. Thank you.

  2. Tara says:

    I came here to ask about my toddler’s first car. Concurring with your post, I am not a big fan of toys that make sounds and light up for kids — why can’t she do it herself? Accordingly, the first cars I am drawn to for my 18 month old daughter are things along the lines of the mini Automoblox (or that beautiful Plan Garage, sigh). Unfortunately, most of the cool cars are labeled for 3 and up only (because detachable wheels or other small parts pose a choking hazard?). So I have narrowed my daughter’s first car down to the Little People airplane, the I-Play garage, and the Playskool Triple Track Tower, even though none of them meet my preference for no lights and sound. Do you have any recommendations? Do you have a view on the Ravensburger Wow series? Given that they work by friction, would they eat our hardwood floors? I guess the Handle Hauler series from Little Tikes is another possibility — at least some come sans noise. Thank you.

    • toyportfolio says:

      You’re right finding cars for this age group can be tricky. In fact finding great toys for toddlers is our greatest challenge every year. We love Automoblox but you’re absolutely -they do have small parts as do most small cars and trains.

      The Little People airplane is a favorite (you can also turn the sound off)- we gave it our Platinum Award when it first came out. I also really love their new School Bus. We like some of the Handle Haulers–but you have to be careful because if your daughter pushes too hard on the back end she can go flying. The i-Play Garage is one of my favorites but you may want to wait a few months. It’s the perfect 2nd birthday present. Most younger toddlers will try to sit on most garages before then…

      I haven’t tried the Ravensburger vehicles but I’m expecting new vehicles for this age group from Kids Galaxy that looked great at toy fair– I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Tara says:

    We got both the bus and the plane. My daughter likes the train but loves loves loves the bus! My husband, however, does not like the sound effects.

  4. Elnora Kary says:

    Congrats on such a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank You!!

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