Pick of the Day: Connectagons

725215h A wonderfully pleasing construction set you’ll want to put them on your coffee table (and play with the set yourself). The set comes in a wooden box and includes 240 wooden discs (1-3/4″ in diameter) that each have eight notches on them–making them a really fun open-ended construction set to use. The circles come in a variety of colors–they’re just fun to hold and build with. They came late, but we’re adding Connectagons to our Platinum Award winners for 2009. At $24.98, it’s also a good value. Offered exclusively by HearthSong.


3 Responses to Pick of the Day: Connectagons

  1. Lori says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I noticed that the Connectagons was posted in the “Late School Years” category on the website…. Is this toy also for maybe younger ages as well? Also, is the Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer correctly supposed to be an Early School Years toy? It seems to me more for Preschool ages…. BTW, thanks for all your hard work! Your guides are my bible for choosing toys & books!

    • toyportfolio says:

      Hi Lori!
      You’re right-older preschoolers (4s) with developed fine motor skills will enjoy them as well. Younger preschoolers or kids with less than great fine motor skills will find these pretty frustrating.
      As to the Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer–again it would be a good choice for 5s and 6s as well as preschoolers…it’s very easy to make something happen. Most 7s would think it’s too easy. As with most toys, it depends on the skill level of your child and also if your child has older siblings–that tend to pull younger kids to more advanced toys and play scenarios. Thanks for your feedback!!

  2. Lori says:

    Hi Stephanie again!

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to vent about this, but I’ve noticed a few listing errors in the toyportfolio.com website. Such as, the Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer (see previous post), shouldn’t the category be changed to Preschool, or Preschool, Early School Years? When you look under the age categories, this toy would not come up, except in the Early School Years category. Nor would the Connectagons come up in the Early School Years category, as it is listed only in the Late School Years category…. Again, I use your website as one of my main references for toy/gift buying. And admittedly being obsessive-compulsive regarding details such as these, I was wondering if any of these changes would be made on the website? Thanks for your attention and prompt responses!

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