My Favorite Book: The Prince’s Bedtime

184148597701_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v62184751_ If you’re looking for the perfect picturebook to bring home for the holidays, consider my favorite book, The Prince’s Bedtime. In the interest of full disclosure, my mother wrote this book…for me!

I never wanted to go to sleep…I milked it for all it was worth–one more bedtime story, a drink, one last special hug and kiss good night. In any case, my mother tried out many of her picturebook scripts on me. In fact, I could often get more time if I would listen to something she was working on. This new edition from Barefoot is wonderfully illustrated by Miriam Latimer and tells the story about a little Prince who just couldn’t go to sleep–no matter what his royal parents tried! If going to bed is an issue in your house, everyone will see the humor of the prince and the elaborate lengths his parents use.

Some people talk about their mother’s cooking, their chocolate chip cookies…for me it’s my mother’s ability to rhyme without effort that always floors me. In fact I can always make her laugh (hysterically really) if I try to rhyme…a gift that most unfortunately completely skipped me!


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