Really? Music from the 80s

I have to be honest, I love testing toys. It’s a strange occupation I know–but there’s nothing better than finding something that kids love – that’s the pay off. I also have to tell you that screening children’s audio is one of the most painful things we do around here. I just listened to Trout Fishing in America–it started out great–made me feel like I was on the lawn at a country fair…all good, until we got to the song “Always Chew Your Food”… An important topic but really, a song about keeping your mouth closed? I don’t see it.

I’m now listening to Totally ’80s for kids…including the hits (by the original artists) Celebration, Weird Science, She Drives Me Crazy, Steppin’ Out… I usually pass on these mixes–but if you’re in the mood to jump around to some tunes you probably used to jump around to–it’s fun. There’s also Motown for Kids. My son Matthew is big on the 70s and 80s–and keeps downloading songs that I haven’t heard since high school/college. It’s fun to revisit things–although I was at a family party in Seattle a few weeks ago and watching a room full of 40 somethings dancing and jumping to Talking Heads–well it was fun and sad all at the same time.


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