Top Rated Green Toys

We’ve been bombarded with green marketing this year…some products are well meaning but have really heavy handed messages. With that in mind we looked for toys that represent a more planet friendly agenda in how they are manufactured, as well as toys that do deliver a message but in a child friendly way…Here are our favorites:

1. Parking Garage (Plan Toys)

2. Tonka Lil Gas Pump (Hasbro) – it shows how ethanol is made on the back of the pump.

3. Sprig Vehicles (Sprig)- new line of vehicles made from recycled materials.

4. Gator Golf (Hasbro)- The classic game is now made without batteries.

5. Indoor Gardening Kit (Green Toys)- made from repurposed materials.

6. Think Green Barbie – love that she’s joined this important cause…her motto…”Think Pink, Live Green”

7. National Geographic Kids Animals (International Playthings)- polar bears and snakes–oh my!

8. Cheekeyes Animals (Cheekeyes)- handsomely crafted line of wooden animals – perfect as props for blocks.

9. Recycling Truck (Playmobil)- a fun prop for pretend that reinforces what we all should be doing.

10. Eric Carle Brown Bear Floor Puzzle (Mudpuppy)- a friendly low key way of introducing kids to the creatures we share this planet with…without a heavy message.


One Response to Top Rated Green Toys

  1. Questioning your green standards says:

    What are the standards or minimum requirements to be considered a “green” or “eco” toy? While the majority are fine toys, they certainly shouldn’t be considered “Green” unless they are making measurable steps towards lowering carbon footprint, using recycled materials, recycled packaging, eco-inks, no oil-paint, natural materials from sustainable resources… some of these are pandering to the green minded consumer while still being made of virgin/new plastics, plenty of spray ops, made far away from the shores where they are distributed/marketed, non-recycleable packaging and hinting at a shallow message to kids about being green… at the end of the day, the consumer will see through these attempts by manufacturers and marketors of awards as false attempts and hurting the efforts of companies trying to make an actual difference. I hope in the future that you post the criteria used to give out these awards and become more transparent, as in this award segment it would help weed-out the ones seeking ‘greenbacks’ for looking the part as a way to increase marketshare in a place where they shouldn’t be… making bonafide eco toys.

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