Great Value: Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers

Over the summer I had two babies (both just hovering around their first birthdays) over for a family get together. “Do you have anything for them to play with?” asked one of the grandmothers. Silly question of course since during the summer even our office bathroom tub is literally overflowing with toys. I pulled out the Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers much to everyone’s surprise. With all the big toys around–why such a small set of nesting cups?
They looked a little disappointed (the grown ups, not the babies)…until they watched as one of the babies became completely engaged in picking each cup up (the other baby was playing a mean game of peek a boo with several adults)…In any case our “tester” for the evening loved the cups…she could pick them up by their little tabs…move them about, taste them, toss them…all fun. She even enjoyed it when we stacked them up and then “blew” them down.

My point–this small and inexpensive toy at $6.95 may be something you’d tend to walk by on the way to the bigger ticket items–and yet this is a great toy that can be used on the go (the cups are a perfect take along travel toy), in the bath (each has holes that are fun for exploring as the water pours through) and on the floor (put a blankie over the cups and play peekaboo)…

We debated whether they were substantial enough to put on the Platinum List–but they do meet all the criteria — well made, lasting play value, engaging…all good!


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