Checking our list…

We’re in the process of making sure that every product we put on our new Platinum list for this year has submitted a safety verification form.  Can you say paperwork!?  Everyone is being very forthcoming with their forms. We’ve had a few bumps in the road this past month with substrate lead that meet the new government standard but not our higher requirement. That said, the list is coming together nicely.  Sometimes after a bad day (when a ridiculous number of silly toys come through our office)…it feels like we won’t have a list…but of course we always find a find collection of products to write about.  If there are highlighted toys that you’re curious about please let us know. We’d be happy to take a look!  In about a month, the commercials will start and the refrain,  “hey can we get that toy?” will likely start from your family room.  With money tight this year, we’re really looking at toys that will have lasting play value as well as toys that don’t break the bank.


4 Responses to Checking our list…

  1. susan schildhaus says:

    LOVE the beautiful new line of faber-castell/creativity for kids “do art” art supplies and kits we found at target. we bought the drawing power and modern masterpieces sets.
    we also saw pixos which look to be an updated version of the aqua dots that were taken off the market last year. would you know if these are safe? avery assured me the box said “safety tested”, but i’m going to defer to the REAL expert– you!
    thanks :o)

  2. Rashell Wall says:

    Just wondering if there will be a toy portfolio book this year? I know they usually come out in August and after looking at the website I am wondering if all the reviews will be online only now since there is no mention of the yearly book release?

  3. toyportfolio says:

    We loved them too and are waiting for verification forms on these new products. We’ll keep you posted. We have just received verification for their new Create Your Own Pop Up book – which is great fun to work on. We haven’t received pixos yet–but we can look into them.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Rashell–unfortunately no new book this year–please see our website for our Platinum Award list!

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