How pink can you go?

Anyone who grew up with me knows that I wasn’t a huge pink person. After two boys, my mother was really ready to cover me in pink. The more lace and ruffles the better. I was a complete disappointment in this department. I have always preferred more tailored things. There was also my “it has to come from the army/navy store” or I won’t wear it phase. Smith carpenter pants, work boots, flannel shirts– just what everyone always dreams of for their daughter! It wasn’t until I had my own two boys that I realize my mother’s longing for pink was not such a terrible thing. I have since apologized (many times). I also do gravitate to pink things a lot more. So I know I approach the issue of “pink” with a lot of baggage. But this week, we just received Scholastic’s new book “My Big Pink Book of Everything.” The subtitle is, can you guess….”An early-learning book full of delightfully pink things.” The cover is complete with a pink feathered crown, feathered slippers and other pink and purple accessories, food (that would be candy and a cupcake). I know a lot of little girls would enjoy pouring over the pages. The book looks a lot like a DK book with lots of colorful pages done with photographs of familiar objects. I’m trying to stretch myself to enjoy the pages of hair accessories, makers, key chains, etc. I was doing pretty well until I got to the double page spread entitled “My busy day”. This page includes the following: sweeping, cooking breakfast, washing, pushing a carriage, making cake and planting a flower. What decade is this book from? This is an early-learning book to what? Would the same early-learning book for boys have the same “busy day”? We all know the answer.


One Response to How pink can you go?

  1. marla says:

    i love all things pink, i have a pink laptop, pink mobile phone, pink filofax, pink car kit, pink ipod speakers, pink travel kit…and needles to say i love this book….

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