Great idea but my hands turned green

I wanted to love the new EnviroBLOX from Cadaco.  These look like packing popcorn–but in a great assortment of colors.  The “enviro” part of the equation–the popcorn is made of biodegradable material (cornstarch).  The package is a resealable bag, also good.  And when you’re done with this toy, you literally wash it away.  All sounds fantastic and I love construction and art materials.  This one offers both–a very open -ended material.

The problem for me is that when I used them, I used too much water (I don’t think I’m that different from your average five year old in this respect).  The product is marked 3 & up. My hands turned a greenish blue and it took several hand washings and a shower to finally get it off my hands.

Reminds me of when I thought (prior to starting the OTP) that I should go into the colored bubble business.  Not having any background in engineering (and having been not the strongest chemistry student either)–I added food coloring.  I had my two nieces with me (in their brand new white sneakers and pink and white outfits).  You can predict the outcome.  No one was amused that I had permanently stained their clothes and sneakers.


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