Wooden Trains…an interesting twist from Plan Toys

It’s really unfortunate that wooden trains have taken such a hit this past year. Wooden trains are one of our favorite play experiences for preschoolers. Putting down tracks is really an open-ended puzzle (hence our recommendation to stay clear of play tables that recommend gluing down tracks). If you’ve ever watched a preschooler work at the process of putting the tracks down, you can almost sense the brain power involved. I’ve also discovered that somewhere around four, most kids are far better at figuring out the tracks than their parents!

Since Brio was acquired by K’nex, the train line has taken a back seat to their core business. Sure there were a couple of new add-ons shown at toy fair, but I miss the “lines” of trains that had interesting themes. Having covered wooden train sets for over seventeen years (how many people can say that?), it’s sad to see how the line has diminished. The lead issue also rocked the world of parents who believed that they were bringing home heirlooms to their kids when they bought pricey bridges and sets from Learning Curve’s Thomas the Tank Engine line.  The bridges, stations, and other accessories are always great from this line. It will be interesting to see if they can regain the trust of parents.

So you can imagine that we were pretty happy to see Plan Toys new Road and Rail set. The handsomely designed station also converts into the storage box for the whole set (pretty neat). We look forward to testing this set. Plan Toys had a number of sleekly designed wooden play settings (garage, airport, etc.) that have that level of design you won’t mind having out in your home. The company also reports that they are phthalates and lead free. We look forward to testing these sets when they’re ready.


5 Responses to Wooden Trains…an interesting twist from Plan Toys

  1. Plan Toys says:

    I am a Plan Toys fan. Very good company. Very good toys!

  2. Isabella Bertelli says:

    Do all thier current offering meet the new guidelinesor just the new offerings. FOr example, they re-released the parking garage. Was there a paint issue with the old one?

  3. toyportfolio says:

    We have a verification statement for the current Garage. I don’t know about prior versions.

  4. Lori W. says:

    Do you know if the new Plan Toys Parking Garage is able to be used with Hot Wheels or Matchbox sized cars? It seems to only come with one wooden car…

  5. toyportfolio says:

    Yes. The wooden car that comes with the set is a little bit smaller in scale but both Hot Wheels and Matchbox will work.

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