Trends from Toyland: Cavemen

Dinosaurs are the “it” creature from toy fair.  Everywhere! (Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, Gund, Playmobil–just to name a few!) But here’s our problem with so many of the new play sets….cavemen. We understand the need to have “action figures” – they’re fun to play with but they pose a problem.  It goes without saying that they are factually incorrect–the same way that we often find playsets that combine polar bears with penguins (another pet peeve of ours).   One of the reasons dinos are so adored by preschoolers and early school aged kids–they know that dinos were never EVER around when man was around.  It’s fun to think about these huge creatures roaming the Earth — without the thought of what would have happened if they were around when there were men (and more specifically, little children).  You may think this is silly — but the last time this trend came around, this was exactly the reaction we got from small dino-enthusiasts.  The kids in the know were offended by the cavemen and they often put them away–preferring to have their dinos battle it out!  


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