Toys on a Budget/ Great toys under $10

Every year we try to stress that you don’t need to spend a fortune to bring home a great toy.  Here’s the list of best toys under $10 (note: with the exception of the rattles and the mini automoblox these products were not tested for lead by our organization):

Amazing Baby Teether Mirror Rattle (Kids Preferred)
Bendy Beeper Rattle (Sassy)
Crayola Color Wonder Paper & Markers (Crayola)
Gertie Balls (Small World Toys)
Hats Off! (Gamewright)
Highway Riggz Trucks (Little Tikes)
Imaginetics (International Playthings)
Mini Automoblox (Automoblox)
Pin the Fairy on the Flower Game (eeBoo)
Puzzles (Lauri/Ravensburger)
Sassy Baby’s French Horn (Sassy)
Scratch Magic Sets (Scratch Art)
Works of Ahhh Animals (Balitono)


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