More News On Lead and Toy Safety

A new list was posted this week at of toys that have been tested for lead. The group also looked at levels of other substances of concern: cadmium, arsenic, mercury and pvc (polyvinyl chloride). The group tested over 1200 toys and found lead in 35% of them. The website has a lot of information on it that you may find interesting – not clear why they require viewers to register to view the lists. While we are not personally in contact with this group that has brought together a coalition of national/regional environmental health organizations, from our point of view, the more information out there the better. For our list of toys that tested lead-free*, visit our website


4 Responses to More News On Lead and Toy Safety

  1. Mary says:

    I noticed that the Corolle Lia doll showed that they found PVC. I thought Corolle was supposed to be phthalate-free. Any thoughts?

  2. toyportfolio says:

    Thanks Mary–We have a query into the company. It certainly underscores the issues facing the industry and consumers.

  3. Mary Lattin says:

    Thanks so much for your efforts to help us moms out…love your book…it’s my toy bible and I’m missing it this year!

  4. toyportfolio says:

    Mary! Thanks so much. We miss having our book out there too. Have a great holiday!

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