Candy Land: How many times have you played it?

If you have kids under six, the answer is probably more times than you would like to remember. For many of us we start out with fond memories from our own childhood (the game was introduced in 1949). “How cool is this?” you may say to yourself when you share the game with your kids for the first 20 times. But slowly it comes over you, “did my parents have that same sense of dread when I would run with the box and ask to play it again and again?”

Unlike so many other games for young children, Candy Land has stood the test of time because it is so straightforward and reinforces concepts that young children are working on mastering (counting, color concepts).

Don’t despair! Hasbro’s new Candy Land Castle game is a great alternative for weary parents. The new version has a clever castle form that has a lever (we love levers) –that dispenses a game piece. The goal is to fill up your game board with all of the colors in Candy Land — borrowing on another classic favorite, bingo. While we often complain about ugly plastic design, there’s something pleasing about the castle and playing pieces with this set. For other board games that tested well this season, visit


One Response to Candy Land: How many times have you played it?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I credit the Candy Land Castle game with bringing a sense of calm to our house. There is no big “board” to cause chaos among my preschool age children and the individual gingerbread boards are perfect for encouraging them to keep their hands to themselves. The lever is a true governor of turn-taking and provides a rewarding experience for all players while its random release of shapes for matching keeps the game exciting! Our son on the autism spectrum enjoys shouting out the colors and shapes as they come through the shoot (ok, he can’t pronounce quatrefoil but hey he’s trying!). This is a tidy game that packs up into itself and doesn’t need a box – definitely a quality product.

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